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Will Mail-In Voting Cause Electoral Fraud in 2020?

With all the mail-in ballots, can we trust the 2020 election?

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The Coronavirus has made a lot of people worried about going out, especially in crowded areas. Since the pandemic started, America has been trying to figure out what to do during the 2020 election. One idea is to let people vote by mail – but many people are worried that this could lead to voter fraud.

Some states like Nevada are mailing ballots to every voter. Other states like Texas don’t want to rely on mail-in voting. Instead, they’re trying to protect in-person voters from catching the virus.

President Trump was unhappy that Nevada mailed ballots to voters, saying he is worried about electoral fraud. This could include people voting more than once, fake votes, impersonating another voter, or votes being lost or destroyed. If these things happen too many times, it means the results of the election could be wrong.

Electoral fraud happens almost every time there is a vote. The Heritage Foundation has found 1,296 instances of voter fraud since 1980.

But electoral fraud isn’t the only problem. The postal service will probably have trouble delivering so many ballots by Election Day.

Some people fear that people mailing in ballots will then try to vote in-person on Election Day to make sure their vote gets counted.

With so many mail-in votes expected, it could take a long time for votes to get counted. Americans may need to wait for a few weeks until the final result of the election is announced.

Jose Backer, General Assignment Reporter, is a graduate of St. Michael's College and is currently pursuing a Master's Degree in Political Science. Born and raised in Southern California, he currently resides in the Pasadena area.

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