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Why Israel and Palestine Fight

Why isn’t there peace in the Middle East?

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President Donald Trump recently announced a peace deal with Israel and the United Arab Emirates (UAE). The two nations will work together on many issues. Israel hasn’t had many positive relationships with the Arab nations until now, but why?

Israel and Palestine: Origin Story

The issue is a fight between Israel and the Palestinian people.

The fighting between Israel and Palestine can be traced back to 1917. In that year, the British took Palestine and declared a “national home for the Jewish people.”

After World War II, the United Nations wanted Palestine to be separated into Jewish and Arab states. But in 1948, Israel declared its independence.

The fighting is about land that the people of two different religions consider holy and their home. The Palestinians, the Muslims, want to set up their own nation and refer to the land as Palestine. But Israeli Jews say the land is theirs.

President Donald Trump

When Israel declared its independence, the new nation took over more territory. Israel and Palestine have been fighting ever since. The region is in the Middle East, and most of the neighboring countries as Muslim and Arab, like the Palestinians. Many sided with Palestine against Israel – but is that changing?

Progress in the Middle East?

There have been many tries at making peace between the two peoples, but none have had lasting success. A lot of President Trump’s critics thought that he would fail to make any progress. Will the deal between Israel and one of its Arab neighbours, the UAE, turn out to be the first step to peace?

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