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Is Protesting More Important Than Social Distancing?

People gather to protest – but what about social distancing?

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People are still meeting in the streets to protest the death of George Floyd, and not just in the United States.

Millions of protesters across the country gathered on June 6 to show their frustration. Unlike the earlier protests there wasn’t very much violence. Part of that may be because the police were more relaxed. Things have calmed down a lot on the East Coast because of this, but there is still a lot of rioting in cities on the West Coast.

Some people worry that the many people gathering to protest could spread Coronavirus. Some leaders are asking people to “protest the right way,” by social distancing, but others fully support the protesters. Many people are now wondering why some government officials support the mass protests when just a few days ago they were saying that Americans had to stay locked inside their homes.

“If we don’t wear face masks, if we don’t socially distance … we are going to be in a dangerous position … ” said Washington Governor Jay Inslee on May 29. As his state slowly reopens, Inslee ordered people to wear masks at work. Then he praised the huge protests in Seattle and other parts of Washington after the death of George Floyd. Most of the protesters did not wear masks or practice social distancing.

Does this mean that justice is more important than social distancing – or that the lockdown was never needed in the first place?

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