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What’s Happening With the COVID Vaccines?

Vaccines are being developed all over the world – but some work better than others.

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The coronavirus pandemic has given the world a “new normal.” But in less than a year, vaccines have been developed to fight the virus. What are they and who made them?

United States


Name: Comirnaty (BNT162b2)

Vaccine Type: mRNA-based vaccine

In November, Pfizer announced that it had made a coronavirus vaccine. The Pfizer vaccine has already been given to those on a high-priority list, including health care workers and seniors. But there has been some controversy about some of the side effects, and people are getting worried after reports that people died in Norway after getting the vaccine.

For now, countries are still moving ahead with the vaccine.


Name: Moderna COVID‑19 Vaccine (mRNA-1273)

Vaccine Type: mRNA-based vaccine

A company called Moderna has a COVID-19 vaccine a lot like the Pfizer version, but it doesn’t have to be stored in super cold temperatures.

In December, some governments gave it emergency approvals. The trials showed mild side effects, including fever, fatigue, and headaches.

Johnson & Johnson

Name: JNJ-78436735

Vaccine Type: Ad26.COV2.S

Health experts have called Johnson & Johnson’s single-dose vaccine “promising,” but it hasn’t been approved yet.


AstraZeneca (United Kingdom)

Vaccine Type: Adenovirus vaccine

The British government is hopeful about the Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine. The government gave it emergency approval on December and ordered 100 million doses of the vaccine.

Even though it seems to be less effective than other vaccines, study participants did not get seriously ill and none were sent to hospital during the trials.

Gamaleya Research Institute, Acellena Contract Drug Research and Development (Russia)

Name: Sputnik V

Vaccine Type: Non-replicating viral vector

As of January 2021, Russia has sent its vaccine to a handful of countries, including Argentina, Bolivia, Palestine, Serbia, and Venezuela. Meanwhile, Moscow plans to roll out its mass vaccinations in Russia before the end of the month.


Name: COVID-19 Vaccine AstraZeneca (AZD1222)

Sinovac (China)

Name: CoronaVac

Vaccine Type: Inactivated vaccine (formalin with alum adjuvant)

China’s Sinovac coronavirus vaccine has been a failure, with trials showing only works in half to two-thirds of cases.

Many details on the vaccine are still unknown because information from the early trials wasn’t published.

Bharat Biotech, ICMR (India)

Name: Covaxin

Vaccine Type: Inactivated vaccine

Covaxin was developed between Indian biotechnology company Bharat Biotech and the Indian Council of Medical Research. India’s government approved it for emergency use in early January.

A Race Against Time

With the discoveries of new versions of the coronavirus, governments worldwide are in a race against time. So far, medical officials say that these vaccines will still work against new virus mutations, at least for now.

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