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What the Free Press Means for America

A free press keeps America safe from government abuse.

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A free press is important to the United States and its citizens. When journalists do their jobs correctly, the people are well informed about current events and what the government is doing.

First Amendment and the Press

The First Amendment to the Constitution protects the ability of the press to carry out its duties. It stops Congress from passing laws that get in the way of journalists telling the truth no matter how it makes the government look.

What Are Journalists Supposed to Do?

Sometimes, reporters investigate and share the news of wrongdoing by state officials. To make sure the people know when government officials are abusing their power, the press has to be free to report without government approval.

There are several different types of journalists. Some report on crime. Others report on economic issues. There are reporters who cover things that the president is doing. Each journalist tends to have a specific type of subject that they cover. But their overall job is to make sure their audience is as informed as possible with accurate reports.

Journalists vs Activists

Unfortunately, some reporters don’t try to just report on the news of the day. Instead, they try to convince their audience to believe a certain story that is based more on opinion than fact.

Journalists who show bias in their reporting are dangerous to American society because they only present facts that make their favored political party look good. This means that people are not fully informed about important issues that affect their lives. When this happens, it becomes easier for corrupt government officials to get away with illegal or unethical behavior. This trend could easily lead to tyranny and oppressive government.

This is the reason other countries that are governed by dictators don’t have a free press. One of the ways they stay in power is by keeping reporters from telling the people what they’re doing. When they do their jobs the right way, members of the press protect the American people from being victims of tyrannical behavior from the state.

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