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Trump or Biden: Who Do You Want to Win?

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Donald Trump and Joe Biden are competing to become the next president of the United State, but what are the good points for each candidate?

Whether you are a Democrat, Republican, or something else, it may be hard to understand all the information on each candidate. Here are some of the reasons people might want to vote for Trump or Biden.

Reasons for Biden

Biden Is Not Trump

Many people really dislike Trump. Biden has been in politics a long time, and his conduct fits what many people see as the “proper” way for officials to behave.

First Woman President

Biden is almost 78 years old. Two-thirds of Americans believe that Biden will not complete his first term if elected, because of his age. If Biden has to step down, his running mate Kamala Harris would take over. People who like Senator Harris might vote for Biden hoping to end up with Harris as president later on.

Green New Deal

Biden has described the Green New Deal as a way to deal with climate change. The Green New Deal is a set of laws that would try to stop climate change.

Stricter Gun Control

Many people are worried about gun crime. Biden has several ideas for new laws to restrict the use of guns.

Foreign Policy

Many voters worry that Trump is causing strife and conflict with other countries. Joe Biden would go back to familiar ways of dealing with other countries around the world.

Reasons for Trump

Jobs and Economic Growth

Trump has had a period of strong economic growth and creation of new jobs, during his time as president.

Law and Order

Trump has been clear on his support for law and order.

Energy Independence

Trump has removed many regulations that got in the way of digging for gas (a process called “fracking”). Since America started digging for gas, it can create its own fuel, rather than relying on other countries.

The Wall

Trump promised to build a border wall between the United States and Mexico – and he has already completed some of it. This is good for people who are worried about people travelling into America illegally.

Peace Treaties

Trump has helped make several peace treaties in the Middle East – an area with a lot of war and strife.

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