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Trump Makes Changes to Police

After protests, the president calls for better police training.

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Recently, Americans have been questioning how the police do their work. Some people are worried about how easily officers can mistreat members of the public. A lot of people are talking about making changes to how the police work, since a man named George Floyd was killed by an officer.

President Trump passed an executive order to make the police change their methods. An executive order is given by the president to tell the federal government how to act.

His executive order gives more money for police training and cooperation between police officers and social workers.

The Reforms

The order calls for changes in how police officers are trained, especially when it comes to the use of force. Law enforcement agencies will also be checked by an outside reviewer to make sure they are keeping to the rules and training their officers properly.

The order also tells the police to work more closely with social workers to make sure people in the community with problems – such as mental health problems – can get more help.

The executive order says the government should keep track of officers who have complaints against them.

Hopefully, this is the first step in making Americans safer and helping police to handle a tough job.

Graham Noble

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