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Three Teens Make Coronavirus Inventions

These three teens are making a difference.

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The COVID-19 pandemic has changed life. It’s hard to deal with social distancing, but some young entrepreneurs (business people) have come up with new ways of making life a bit easier. Avi Schiffmann invented a website that keeps track of the virus. It’s been such a success that he’s been offered millions of dollars just to post ads on the website – but he won’t take it because he doesn’t want ads on his site.

Schiffmann worked for hours building the website and keeping it up to date. It offers real-time updates on Coronavirus information. The information is pulled from the World Health Organization (WHO), the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), and other official websites. It also has handy tips on safety and hygiene, a list of COVID symptoms, and other information.

In Haiti, 18-year-old Wens Dimanche wanted to do something to help his community during the pandemic. He came up with an electric hand-washing system that should lower the risk of spreading the virus. He put his invention – a bucket of water connected to a foot pedal – in his backyard and let anyone use it.

“I made this electric bucket because I feared that if a person has the virus on their hands and they touch the faucet to turn it on, they could contaminate not only the faucet but also their neighbors,” Dimanche explained. “So, I wanted to find a way to solve that problem.”

In the United Kingdom, 19-year-old Mike Andrew from Kinnerton set up a delivery service to reach people who live in areas that are too far out of town for most delivery companies. His business, which he’s named Runaround, operates Monday through Friday from 1-9 p.m. He uses his own car to make the deliveries.

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