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The Spill: Were Teen Dinosaurs Too Hungry?

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Teenagers With Gargantuan Appetite

Teenagers in general are known for having large appetites. But when they turn aggressive about food, the species may be in trouble. According to a recent study published in Science, the large appetite of the teenage dinosaurs is why there weren’t any mid-sized meat-eaters.

Steve Brusatte is a paleontologist – a scientist who studies fossils and ancient life. He said there was now proof that there weren’t many medium-sized carnivores “because the juveniles and teenagers and subadults of the big beastly dinosaurs were hoarding those niches.”

In the African Savannah in today’s world, we see a range of body sizes from mongoose up to the lion. And they each have a sustainable food group of prey. In carnivorous dinosaur communities, the middle group wasn’t there because the young (medium-sized) of the really big dinosaurs simply ate everything that would have been food for mid-sized carnivores.

Will Entry Level Jobs Now Start at $15 an Hour?

The fight to raise the minimum wage in the United States has been a big issue for a long time. But the argument may be over. An important part of the $1.9 trillion COVID-19 economic package is an increase in the federal minimum wage to $15 per hour.

Many people argue that entry-level jobs aren’t meant for people who have families to feed. They’re for young people just starting out or retired people who just need a little extra money. But the people who support a wage increase say that a lot of people can’t work higher paying jobs, and so the minimum wage should be high enough to support them and their families.

One thing to keep in mind though is that some smaller companies can’t afford to pay their employees $15 an hour. Some others could afford it, but aren’t willing to do it. In either case, the result is that a lot of the people who work those jobs now will lose their jobs if this happens. And it doesn’t matter how high the minimum wage is, people who don’t have jobs don’t get paychecks.

The State of The Union – Will We Have One?

Nearly every year, the president delivers the State of the Union address, a speech that updates Americans on the status of the nation. The Constitution requires that the president give Congress this update from time to time. It doesn’t say that it has to be a speech or that it’s done every year. However, the tradition for many years has been an in-person speech every year.

Franklin D. Roosevelt’s State of the Union Address

Incoming presidents are not required to deliver a State of the Union, but most do address America in a somewhat less formal fashion in one way or another. History tells us they call that speech “an address to the joint session of Congress.” The past also tells us that since the first one, it has been done either in late January or some time in February.

Mr. Biden had scheduled such an address, but he then canceled it, saying he wants to deliver a COVID-19 relief bill first. Since February has come and gone, will Biden even deliver a speech to let people know what his administration has been up to these past several weeks?

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