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The Spill: The Death of the Dinosaurs

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Dinosaurs: What Really Wiped Them Out?

Scientists believe that dinosaurs were on Earth for more than 150 million years before a huge asteroid hit 66 million years ago. Some believe the dinosaurs were already headed toward extinction before the asteroid, but many disagree. Researchers from the United Kingdom’s University of Bath have published a study that suggests dinosaurs were still doing really well.

Joe Bonsor is a PhD student at London’s Natural History Museum. He explained, “If the asteroid impact had never happened then they might not have died out and they would have continued after the Cretaceous.”

Dinosaurs evolved over millions of years so that there were many different kinds. Experts claim it was the differences in size, body armor, teeth, and feathers that allowed them to survive for so long. “The main point of what we are saying is that we don’t really have enough data to know either way what would have happened to the dinosaurs,” Bonsor said.

If that asteroid had never hit all those millions of years ago, what would have happened to mankind?

Gaming for the Brain

How much time do you spend playing videogames? Have you heard that spending too much time gaming is bad for your mental health? Well, a new study shows that videogames might not be so bad after all.

Different games can offer different benefits. For example, Tetris can produce a calming effect on players as they concentrate on fitting shapes and sizes together. In other games, the characters and storylines can sometimes be much more engaging than watching films since the player is involved in the creation and can change the outcome.

While it probably isn’t a good idea to sit in front of a computer or television playing Plants vs Zombies all day, at least there may be some good news for gamers, and their mental health, especially during a pandemic lockdown.

A New Kind of Holiday Season

It’s almost time for Thanksgiving, but this year is probably going to bring one of the strangest holiday seasons you’ve experienced. Due to the coronavirus, many state officials have decided to bring back lockdown orders.

In Washington, Governor Jay Inslee closed restaurants – except for outdoor dining – and stopped gatherings of no more than ten people.

California’s governor, Gavin Newsom, took a different approach with dos and don’ts for the Golden State’s residents. Families celebrating the holiday are asked to have no more than two households together. Gatherings should be outside if possible. If indoors, it is recommended that people stay at least six feet away from each other and that windows are kept open so fresh air can come in.

Most states are also asking people not to travel out of the area, and some states are even placing 14-day quarantines when traveling into another state. No one can predict how long COVID is going to keep Americans under such restrictions, but some hope that a new vaccination may put an end to the lockdowns and closures. Others are also hopeful that as we learn more about the virus and treatments that work, that will also reduce the risk.

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