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The Spill: Strike!

All the hot news this week.

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Welcome to LNGenZ’s roundup of the trending topics in the news this week.

GM Workers on Strike

Workers at the car company General Motors are refusing to go to work. When employees band together and decide not to work, it is called a strike. Usually, a strike happens when employees ask for better working conditions.

Nearly two weeks have gone by, but talks between workers and General Motors have not ended the strike. Employees are fighting for better wages (money) and benefits, but so far, the two sides have not been able to agree.

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Climate Concerns: Can We Save the Planet?

Many people believe that pollution is changing the climate and might even be destroying the world. This week, the United Nations – a group that encourages different countries to work together – held a meeting to discuss climate change. At the same time, students across the world are skipping school to protest damage to the environment.

From September 20-27, students around the world are walking out of school in protest that not enough is being done to fight climate change. Kids and the adults who support the strikes hope to inspire lawmakers to pass laws that limit pollution.

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Out of Many, One

Have you ever wondered where we get the words and phrases on our money? “In God We Trust” can be seen on today’s notes and coins, but it wasn’t always so. Our Founding Fathers worked hard to come up with a motto that would unite the new country. On July 4, 1776, the motto e pluribus unum was created.

The phrase was written in the Latin language. In English, pluribus means “plural”  or “more than one,” while unum means “unit.”  This motto describes an action: Many uniting into one. More common ways of saying this are “From Many, One,” or “Out of Many, One.” At the time, there were 13 states, so the goal behind the motto was uniting all states to act together as one nation. The motto e pluribus unum was accepted by Congress in 1782.

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