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The Spill: Staying Up Under a Full Moon

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The Full Moon Keeps Us Awake

A new sleep study shows that the full moon keeps us awake at night. For thousands of years, people have blamed the full moon for werewolves, insanity, bad moods, and crazy accidents. Now it seems a lack of sleep might be to blame.

The study was conducted by the University of Washington In Seattle, and researchers say folks go to bed later than usual and do not rest as well when the moon is full. Professor Horacio de la Iglesia studied the sleep patterns from people in large cities to very rural areas. He said the effect is the same even in areas with electricity.

Iglesia said that electric lighting throws off a person’s internal clock – and the full moon does the same. Maybe that is why people who enjoy camping in the great outdoors say they sleep better. That is, until the wolves begin to howl.

A New Whale? Wow

Researchers with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration believe they have found a new whale species in the Gulf of Mexico. They call them Rice’s whales. The name came from the marine mammal biologist, Dale Rice, who first identified this new whale species.

When the whale washed up in Florida, researchers knew they had the chance to conduct the much-needed study. They realized it was a new species because of differences in the skull.

The new whale has already been registered as an endangered species. Things like oil spills and other pollutants, and marine traffic threaten the existence of such a small population of whales.

Joe Biden – What’s He Up To?

Once a president takes the oath of office, a lot of things have to be done very quickly. Joe Biden started writing Executive Orders, directives, and actions as soon as he took office. He rejoined the Paris Climate Accord and canceled the Keystone XL oil pipeline. So far, Mr. Biden has used his power to govern with Executive Orders nearly forty times. That’s more than either Donald Trump or Barack Obama did at the same point in their presidencies.

Joe Biden

In the first week of his presidency, Biden issued a 100-day masking challenge to Americans who visited federal buildings or took road trips.

His intentions moving forward are supporting communities of color, criminal justice reform, and reducing deportations of illegal immigrants.

Mr. Biden has a long list to complete in the first few months of his presidency.

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