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SOS Saves Sailors Stranded on a Desert Island

Being stranded on a deserted island may seem like a dream with plenty of sun and surf. That is, until food runs out. Three men who suddenly found themselves on a small desert island, were happy when authorities spotted their huge SOS sign drawn in the sand and came to their rescue.

The sailors had been trying to travel 27 miles to the island Pulap atoll, but they sailed off course and didn’t have enough fuel to return. They had been missing for about three days when their SOS distress signal was seen by Australian and U.S. aircraft searchers.

The HMAS Canberra, an Australian military ship, took up the search along with U.S. teams. The castaways were found nearly 118 miles from where they had originally left. An Australian helicopter landed on the beach to give them some much-needed food and water while they waited for a Micronesian patrol boat to pick them up and return them home.

The Micronesia area has several small islands, and this isn’t the first time sailors have been stranded on one of them. In 2016, Linus and Sabina Jack were missing for about a week before being rescued. They used a flashlight and an SOS message written in the sand to get their distress signal out to search parties.

Disturbance at the White House

On Monday, August 10, President Donald Trump took his place at the podium to give a routine press conference. It ended up anything but routine when Secret Service officers approached Trump and escorted him out of the room.

Mr. Trump calmly exited the room, leaving the audience wondering what was going on. It is unusual for the Secret Service to remove the president when he is talking to the press. As it turns out, shots had been fired just outside the White House grounds, so the officers were protecting the president – that’s the job of the Secret Service.

The Secret Service said a man approached a guard at his post about a block from the White House and told the officer he had a weapon.

The president soon returned to speak to the journalists who were waiting. His cool manner under fire spurred a question from reporters, asking if he’d been rattled by the incident. “Do I seem rattled?” he asked.

Kamala Harris to Run for Vice President

It’s taken a while to make a choice, but Joe Biden has finally chosen his running mate, the person he would want to be his vice president. Biden is running to be the next president of the U.S., and the election is coming up in November. Kamala Harris has agreed to run as Biden’s vice president.

Biden had promised to choose a woman of color for his vice president. Harris is Indian- and Jamaican-American. She has a law background as well as being a senator for California.

One common concern of this election is that Mr. Biden will not be able to complete his four-year term if elected, due to medical reasons. He is one of the oldest people to run for president in history. If he has to step down, then Harris will become the commander in chief. That would make her the first female president of the United States.

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