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The Spill: School Walkouts

All the hot news this week.

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Welcome to LNGenZ’s roundup of the trending topics in the news this week.

Employees Striking at GM

Employees at auto company General Motors are striking. Since September 15, employees at the company have refused to work, hoping that they can bargain for better working conditions. Nearly two weeks have gone by, but negotiations between the United Auto Workers (UAW) union and General Motors have not ended the strike. Employees for General Motors (GM) are fighting for better wages and benefits, but so far, they have not been able to come to agreeable terms.

One of the workers’ complaints is that employees hired as temporary personnel do not get the same benefits as regular employees. Yet temporary staff work right alongside the rest, doing the same job and getting paid less. It is also a lengthy process to become a regular worker; some have even been working in a “temporary” capacity for as long as eight years.

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A Climate of Concern: School Walkouts and UN Summits

Climate change is a divisive issue. Many believe manmade climate change will be the end of us all while others don’t think it exists as a problem at all. As GenZ’s  Onar Åm explained, the science isn’t settled, and for now, we’ll have to wait and see. If manmade climate change is an imagined problem, then there isn’t much to worry about. If, on the other hand, it’s destroying our world, then something certainly has to be done – but what?

Climate activists around the world are trying to answer that question, and it seems the solution most favor is government intervention.

This is a busy week for climate change news, as the United Nations met for a summit to discuss the issue, and young people across the world are skipping school to protest environmental problems.

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E Pluribus Unum: The Story of America’s Motto

Have you ever wondered where we get the words and phrases on our money? “In God We Trust” can be seen on today’s currency, but it wasn’t always so. Our Founding Fathers worked hard to come up with a motto that would unite the new country and convey a special meaning to its people. A committee appointed by Congress was tasked with the duty of coming up with the special phrase. At that time, the Latin language was commonly used, and so, on July 4, 1776, the committee went to work and came up with the motto e pluribus unum.

Pluribus translates to “plural” in English, while unum means “unit.” The phrase describes an action: Many uniting into one. However, the most used translations are “From Many, One,” or “Out of Many, One.” At the time there were 13 states, so uniting all states to act as one nation was the goal behind the motto.

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