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The Spill: Rare Super Mario

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The Rare and the Bizarre on Sale

Auctions are good places to find rare and strange things, for those who can afford to pay the price. These are events where people can bid against each other to buy things. Recently, two items went on sale for collectors: A Super Mario Bros Nintendo game and a vampire-slaying kit.
What’s so special about Super Mario Bros, you may wonder? Well, this game from 1985 had never been opened and still had cardboard tags, which were only released for a brief time when the company was testing the market. Another thing that makes this so special? It sold for $114,000, making it the most expensive game on record. The lucky buyer chose to stay anonymous, but is now the proud owner of a piece of video game history.
Another auction is selling a vampire-slaying box. It is thought to be worth between $2,500 and $3,700 and includes everything a 19th-century vampire hunter might need to complete his or her mission.
Vampires everywhere, beware!

The Trumps Wear Face Masks

To wear a mask or not to wear a mask, that is the question. Or, at least, that’s what Americans have been debating since the Coronavirus pandemic first hit. Earlier in the crisis, experts said there was no need to wear a mask. Later, many changed their minds, saying people should cover their faces to stop the virus. The president disagreed and refused to wear a mask … until recently.
Donald Trump has been against covering his face. He also said people end up touching their faces more often when wearing a mask. But recently, the president was seen wearing a mask while visiting veterans at the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center. The president said he wore the mask in the hospital because there were many sick people around, or people who might have weak immune systems. He didn’t want to cause those weakened people to catch the virus. The president said it was kind of fun wearing a mask as he felt like the Lone Ranger.
The First Lady, Melania, took up mask-wearing as well. She posted a video of herself wearing one at The Mary Elizabeth House charity.
Will the president and first lady keep wearing masks? It looks like they will change depending on the situation.

Football Team Set to Change Name

All over the U.S., statues are being torn down as protesters try to erase reminders of America’s past. Many reminders of slavery are being taken down, but that’s just the beginning. Companies are looking at their names and products to see if any kind of racial insult could be linked with them. Recently, the Washington Redskins football team decided to change its name.
The battle against the name has been going for over two decades. Protesters said the name insults Native Americans.
Not everyone agrees with this change. Former center for the Redskins, Jeff Bostic, claimed he will never call the team by any other name. He said, “This isn’t what most people want.”
The Washington Redskins have been known by that name for more than 80 years. The team has said the new name will honor Native Americans while adding a military theme.

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