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The Spill: Pancake Day

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Sanders Wins Nevada Caucus

The Democrat Party took another step toward the 2020 election this week. It held its second caucus – an important step as the party decides who it will choose to run as the presidential nominee.

A caucus is a meeting where party members talk about the candidates who want to become the next president, and a vote is held over which candidate to support. The results of the Nevada caucus were:

1st Place – Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders: Not actually a member of the Democrat Party, Sanders is an independent. He believes in taking money from the rich and giving it to the poor.

2nd Place – Joe Biden: He served as vice president under Barack Obama. Now, he wants the top spot.

3rd Place – Pete Buttigieg: He used to be mayor of South Bend, Indiana. He is the youngest candidate.

So far, three states have held their primaries or caucuses for the 2020 election: Iowa, New Hampshire, and Nevada. Next up is the South Carolina primary – will Sanders claim victory once again?

President Trump Visits India

On their first official state visit to India, President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania were greeted by Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

India welcomed the president with a “Namaste Trump” event. “Namaste” is a respectful greeting that comes from the ancient Indian language Sanskrit. Held at the world’s largest cricket ground, Sardar Patel Stadium, more than 110,000 people came to hear from their leader and the U.S. president. Trump praised Modi, calling him an “exceptional leader.” He admired India’s successes by saying, “The potential for India is absolutely incredible.”

The Trumps visited the Taj Mahal and took photos in front of the grand palace with other travelers. The prime minister gave the Trumps a few traditional gifts, including a marble statue of three monkeys making the “speak no evil, see no evil, hear no evil” gestures.

Celebrating Pancake Day

Countries around the world spent February 25 celebrating Pancake Day – also known as Shrove Tuesday. This Christian feast day is marked by eating pancakes, as well as holding festivals and games. Shrove Tuesday is the day before the beginning of Lent, a six-week period of fasting that ends with Easter.

Traditionally, Shrove Tuesday was celebrated by cooking and eating pancakes so that people could use up any rich food products they had, like eggs, milk, sugar, and butter, before the beginning of Lenten fasting. Some countries refer to the holiday as “Fat Tuesday,” as it was the last opportunity to use up fatty ingredients.

In England, people also hold pancake races, where people have to run down the street, holding a frying pan and flipping a pancake as they run! Other countries celebrate the day with a carnival or a big meal.

While Pancake Day is still popular, Lent is not taken as seriously as it once was. Today, many people choose to give up one luxury during the period – such as chocolate, social media, or TV. Would you ever sacrifice something for Lent?

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