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A Tale of Two Holidays: Constitution and Citizenship Day

America celebrates independence on the Fourth of July. But while many consider this the nation’s birthday, the true anniversary of the creation of the United States is September 17.

The original government – the Articles of Confederation – had failed, so the delegates of the colonies met again, and again tried to hammer out a new government that would be strong enough to protect the people but that would also never become merely a replacement for the crown they fought so hard to escape.

On September 17 in 1787, 39 men signed the document that would soon become the Constitution of the United States, thus officially establishing the nation and becoming forever after known as the Founding Fathers.

That date is celebrated as Constitution Day. It’s a day that honors the nation’s birthday, the signing of the Constitution, and the citizenship of the people – whether native-born or naturalized immigrants.

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Talk of Peace Between North Korea and the US on the Horizon

The threat of nuclear war has been a concern for countries around the world. The fallout from atomic bombs would not only take millions of innocent lives, but it would also destroy the land for generations to come, making it difficult – even impossible in some areas – to grow food because of contaminated soil. To prevent such a horrific event, countries’ leaders got together in 1985 to sign the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty (NPT) to reduce nuclear weapons and increase peaceful cooperation.

This is why it is so important that President Donald Trump and North Korea’s leader, Kim Jong-un, continue with their peace talks. Throughout the years, representatives and other US officials have met with North Korea, but never has a US sitting president visited the country until Trump.

Recently, Kim Jong-un sent a letter to the president, inviting him to Pyongyang to hold a third summit to discuss denuclearization. This is a good step in coming to agreeable terms.

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School Boy Wins Hearts at University of Tennessee

Not every news story revolves around major scientific discoveries or national leaders – some can begin in our schools at the most unexpected of times. A fourth-grade student made headlines after he was teased over a homemade football t-shirt.

An elementary school in Florida recently held a “college colors” day where students were encouraged to dress in support of their favorite college sports teams. The anonymous fourth-grader was reportedly excited to express his support for the Tennessee Volunteers football team, which plays for the University of Tennessee. Unfortunately, he didn’t own any official gear displaying the team’s logo. Undeterred, the student “made” his own shirt by handwriting “UT” on a sheet of paper, and pinning it to an orange t-shirt to represent the team colors. The boy wore the shirt until some fellow students made fun of the design during lunch, an episode that ended in tears.

In the age of social media, however, these matters don’t always end immediately.

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