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Bolivia: The People Remove a Socialist President

Evo Morales was the president of Bolivia. He won the most recent election to be president again, but many people said he cheated. They and protested against his win. In fear for his life, Morales resigned (quit) as president, and went to Mexico.

Bolivia is a country in South America, and it is home to 11 million people.

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Artist Paints Greta Thunberg on Building

Greta Thunberg is a Swedish teenager who talks about climate change around the world. Recently, an artist painted a mural of her on a building in San Francisco, California. The huge painting is controversial – some people like it, while others don’t.

Greta became famous after people saw her anger over climate change. “How dare you!” she said to world leaders because she thinks they haven’t done enough to stop climate change. Soon after, the 16-year-old was an international celebrity.

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Scientists Find New Type of Human

Scientists have found a new species of ancient human. The researchers found 13 bones that date back to about 67,000 years ago. The bones came from at least three individual people, and the species is being called Homo luzonensis. Modern-day humans are called Homo sapiens.

The fossils were found in Callao Cave on the island of Luzon, in the Philippines.

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Is New York Taking the Fun out of Football?

A high school football coach in Nassau County, New York, was suspended (made to stop working) for one game. He was punished because he let his team score over 42 points more than another team. Ron Shaver, coach of the Plainedge High Red Devils, was accused of breaking a rule that is supposed to stop football teams from embarrassing each other.

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Veteran’s Day: A Day to Honor our Soldiers

Veteran’s Day is the day we honor and celebrate our heroes, the military men and women who put their lives on the line to protect Americans and our way of life. This day began a long time ago, after World War I.

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