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The Spill: Gandhi’s Glasses

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Gandhi’s Historic Glasses Find New Life

Imagine a pair of eyeglasses being worth nearly $20,000! If those glasses belonged to Mahatma Gandhi, then they could be even more. So you can guess how amazed the folks at East Bristol Auction were when they discovered the historic treasure inside a plain white envelope sticking halfway out of the mailbox.

Auctioneer Andrew Stowe thought someone was trying to play a joke on the company. “Someone popped them into our letterbox on a Friday night and they stayed there until Monday — literally hanging out,” he said. “One of my staff handed them to me and said there was a note saying they were Gandhi’s glasses.”

Gandhi was an Indian lawyer who led the movement to remove British rule from India. He taught peaceful protests as the way to win independence. His people called him “Mahatma,” which means “Great Soul,” and crowds would travel miles just to see and hear him. While preaching peaceful resistance, Gandhi held hunger strikes in prison.

“This is a God-given opportunity that has come to me,” Gandhi announced from his prison cell, “to offer my life as a final sacrifice to the downtrodden.”

Gandhi helped to get India’s independence until he was assassinated on January 30, 1948.

In photographs taken of Gandhi, he is usually wearing just a loincloth and a pair of eyeglasses. This pair of glasses are thought to be worth $19,600 but could gain a much greater price.

Death Valley Could Set Global Heat Record

California is catching a lot of heat lately … literally. Death Valley, an area known for high temperatures, may have just broken its own record. It reached 130 degrees Fahrenheit this week. Now that is hot! The race is on to see whether this is the hottest recorded temperature for the area.

In July of 1913, Death Valley recorded an amazing 134 degrees Fahrenheit, which is the official world record. However, there are skeptics of this reading because, at that time, they did not have the technology or testing that we have now.

High heat is common in California during July and August when parts of the state can reach triple digits. The high temperatures make it very hard for firefighters who have to battle many fires during the summer months when the flora is dry and water supplies low. Currently, the Golden State is having some of the worst fires ever, with at least 367 known active fires. These were caused by 10,849 lightning strikes in just 72 hours!

Biden Named As Democrat Nominee for President

Joe Biden

The Democratic Party has announced Joe Biden as its candidate for the 2020 election. He will run against President Donald Trump to become the next president. Since Biden chose Senator Kamala Harris (D-CA) to run on the ticket with him, she will become the vice president if the pair wins the election.

The announcement happened at the Democratic National Convention. The event had a lot of speakers supporting the pair. Some included former presidents Bill Clinton, Jimmy Carter, and Barack Obama, as well as others. The speakers used a lot of their time to blame problems on Trump, saying that Biden can fix those issues if he becomes president. Voters will give their opinion on election day.

This election year will be different than usual. It is going to be challenging to have debates and campaign speeches during a pandemic. There is also the issue of voting. Mail-in voting is a hot topic. Those fearful of the Coronavirus want to make sure everyone can vote by mail-in ballot. Meanwhile, a lot of people fear this will make vote fraud much more common and put a strain on the post office.

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