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President Trump’s Surprise Thanksgiving with the Troops

Thanksgiving is a time to get together and celebrate as a family, but many American soldiers are away from their families in war zones, like Afghanistan. President Donald Trump secretly left the country and flew to Afghanistan for a surprise visit to the troops. The trip was so secret, not even Afghanistan’s president, Ashraf Ghani, was told about it until a few hours before Trump arrived. Trump arrived just in time to help serve and then eat a Thanksgiving meal with the soldiers.

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Why We Celebrate Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a time to celebrate with friends and family. Today, most Americans eat turkey and pumpkin pie on Thanksgiving, but this traditional holiday started a whole lot differently. It took centuries before Thanksgiving became a nationally celebrated day.

A group of people left Plymouth, England, in September 1620 on the small ship Mayflower. They were looking for a place where they could practice their religion freely. It took a long time, but they finally made it to Massachusetts Bay, where they started a village.

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Hong Kong Votes To Support Democracy

Students have been protesting in Hong Kong for a few months. The protests are against China getting more control of the Hong Kong government. The city of Hong Kong was a British colony before it was returned to China in the 1990s. Since then, there have been arguments over how Hong Kong should be ruled. It has been allowed to have its own government.

Students recently started to protest for more democracy and against rule by the Chinese Communist Party. Some of the events turned violent, but an election in the city shows the protests have wide support. The protestors want democracy, which gives people more freedom and the right to vote for their leaders.

The district council election in Hong Kong gave a victory to the pro-democracy camp.

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Kids Swap Phones for Chicks

How much time should kids and adults spend looking at their smartphones? One city in Indonesia is trying to get kids to spend less time on their phones … by giving them baby chickens instead.

Indonesia is a country in Southeast Asia, and some adults are concerned (worried) that young people are “addicted” to their phones. The city of Bandung, near the capital, Jakarta, has given out a dozen chicks to elementary and junior high school students. Mayor Oded Muhammad Danial hopes the program will distract kids from their devices and get them to spend time on other hobbies.

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