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The Spill: Independence Protests

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School Lunch Debt: No Donations Allowed

School meals are a very important part of any student’s education. Proper nutrition is necessary for growing bodies and developing minds. Plus, it’s difficult to concentrate on studies when the belly is rumbling from hunger. Feeding students, however, is not cheap, and schools struggle to find the funding. Not all families can afford to pay for hot lunches, unfortunately, and debt begins to grow. Schools are always trying to find ways to recoup their losses, but not all attempts are met with enthusiasm.

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Turkey vs. Syria: Is Peace on the Horizon?

Over the past week, there have been some new developments in the Syrian civil war. Now, Turkey, which shares a border with Syria, has become more involved in the conflict, which has placed it at odds with the United States.

Last week, Turkey informed the White House of plans to invade northern Syria to attack terrorists in the region. In response, President Donald Trump decided to remove the 50 US troops that were stationed there. This decision set off a heated argument about American involvement in Syria.

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Spain Faces Catalan Protests

The fight for independence is not a new concept; peoples from all over the world and timelines have engaged in this battle for thousands of years. America gained its independence in 1776, and Scotland has been fighting to sever its ties with England for centuries. Now, separatist groups in the Spanish area of Catalonia are campaigning to gain sovereignty.

Catalan nationalists have complained for a long time that they send too much money to the poorer parts of Spain, through taxes controlled by Madrid. This region of Spain has a population of about 7.5 million people who have occupied the area for 1,000 years, with their own parliament, language, flag, and anthem. Although for years they have been holding peaceful demonstrations to promote independence, recently the protests turned violent.

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Canada Votes 2019: Justin Trudeau Wins

Prior to the 2019 Canadian election, the pollsters had predicted either a Conservative minority government or a Liberal one. The polls are closed, the votes have been counted, and Canadians have learned that Liberal Party leader Justin Trudeau will continue leading the country. Unlike the US, Canada uses the Westminster system of government, which is based on the British tradition of a parliament.

Trudeau only won a minority government – can his fragile Grits survive the pressure from his opponents once the House of Commons returns?

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UN Human Rights Council full of Alleged Human Rights Abusers

The United Nations recently held a secret ballot vote to allow 14 countries to join the Switzerland-based Human Rights Council (HRC). The council is a global institution within the UN ecosystem and includes 47 members with the purpose of promoting and protecting human rights worldwide. The HRC was founded in 2006. Over the years, it has been the subject of much controversy, primarily for the states involved in the council, many of which have been accused of violating human rights.

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