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The Spill: Blue Pumpkins

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How Halloween Began

Halloween wasn’t always the fun event it is today. The holiday began with the Celtic people, who lived in Scotland and Ireland. The Celts did have some fun and dressed up in costumes, but it was a serious day. The tradition started at least 2,000 years ago with the old festival known as Samhain (“sow-win”).

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Blue Pumpkins: Making Halloween Better for Autistic Kids

Halloween is a time of fun that kids and adults look forward to each fall, but not every kid is comfortable with the holiday. Those on the Autism spectrum can have a harder time enjoying themselves.

Now, parents are trying a new way to make sure all kids have fun when trick-or-treating.

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ISIS Has a Defeat

Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi was the leader of a group called the Islamic State. The group attacked lots of people around the world, and several countries have come together to fight them. This past weekend, al-Baghdadi died when soldiers raided his home in Syria.

The Islamic State (IS or ISIS) is a terrorist group. It began in 1999, but became big news in 2014 when it pushed the Iraqi military out of Western Iraq and took over the area.

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More Mummies Found in Egypt

Just in time for Halloween, archaeologists in Egypt found 30 coffins with mummies inside. The mummies were buried and included 23 adult males, five adult females, and two children. The  archaeologists could tell the genders by the carvings on the coffins. If the coffin was carved to show open hands, the person inside was a female. If the coffin was carved with the hands balled into fists, the person inside was a male.

Unlike what is shown in some popular scary movies, people were not usually mummified as a punishment or for fear they might come back from the dead.

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