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The Spill: Is Trump on the Way Out?

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Saudi Arabia Opens Up to the World

Saudi Arabia, a country in the Middle East, is opening up to tourists. Until now, the country has been mostly closed, and only a few people were allowed to visit.

The kingdom of Saudi Arabia has very strict rules for public behavior – especially for women – and doesn’t allow many visitors from outside the country. However, the current crown prince, Mohammed bin Salman, wants to make Saudi Arabia more like America and other western countries. He hasn’t given up all the rules, but he has relaxed them. He gave women the right to drive and allowed cinemas, which were illegal before he changed the law.

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Impeachment: What Does It Mean for Trump?

There has been a lot of talk in the news of impeaching President Donald Trump. Democrats in Congress – especially in the House of Representatives – have been talking about impeaching him since he first took office, but why? Will the House actually impeach Trump this time, and if so, what will happen?

Impeachment is a way of trying to remove the president. The United States Constitution gives a process for removing a president who has broken the law, but impeachment is just the first step. The House of Representatives can vote to impeach the president. This has happened to only three of our 45 presidents so far.

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