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The Spill: Aten-Class Asteroid

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Asteroid Passes Nearby Earth

This weekend, an asteroid flew close by our planet. Luckily, it passed by us at a safe distance.

NASA named the space rock “2002 NN4.” It was labeled a danger because of how close it was going to pass by the Earth, but that was still more than 3.1 million miles away – about 13 times further than the moon. NN4 passed by Earth at 11:20 p.m. Eastern time on Saturday, June 6.

It isn’t too often that a large asteroid breaks through the Earth’s atmosphere and hits the planet, but it does happen every few hundred years. The most recent was in 2013 when a meteor made it inside the Earth’s atmosphere above Russia. While the rock didn’t actually hit the planet, the blast from it still injured at least 100 people.

The 2002 NN4 is an Aten-class asteroid, which means it orbits around the sun and its path could bring it close to the Earth. Currently, there are around 1,679 Aten-class asteroids. The next time 2002 NN4 will so close to the Earth again is June 2029.

Black Lives Matter Plaza

The past week, people protested the death of George Floyd. The protests focused on the issue of race, as Floyd was a black man and the police officer who killed him was white-skinned. Some say the police dislike black people. When someone dislikes others based on their skin color, it’s called racism.

Riots and violence broke out across the nation. Other protesters showed their anti-racism message peacefully. Black Lives Matter is a group that organized a lot of the protests.

Washington D.C.’s mayor, Muriel Bowser, decided to show support in a big way. An area near the White House was renamed “Black Lives Matter Plaza.” A mural with the words written in bright yellow paint covered a two-block area. The letters were so large that a satellite showed the image.

Apple Maps joined in by updating its satellite map to show the mural.

Protests Go International

The death of George Floyd happened in America, but people started protesting all around the world.

In London, protesters marched. The city’s police said they arrested 23 people and that they hoped people would be social distancing during the protests.

In Canada, most of the protests were peaceful and took place in Vancouver and Montreal. Later, the crowds were separated after objects were thrown at police officers.

In Auckland, New Zealand, 4,000 people marched in protest. They were kneeling and holding banners with “Black Lives Matter,” and “The real virus is racism” written on them.

Protests were seen in over 50 countries and on every continent except Antarctica.

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