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The Spill: A 639-Year Performance

Can you imagine a concert lasting 639 years!?

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639-Year Project

Do you like listening to music, going to concerts? How about being a part of one that lasts for 639 years? John Cage was a composer who believed there is music is silence and slowing down chords. To honor him, the longest organ performance ever is happening. It’s supposed to last for 639 years. The Organ2/ASLSP (As Slow as Possible) performance happens only once every seven years. At the changing of the chords, a new sound is set on the organ to last for 2,527 days.

The event draws thousands of people. Oct. 5, 2013 was the last time the notes were changed, and about 1,500 people showed up. This time because of Coronavirus, the number of attendees will be limited and others can watch on video.

West Coast Wildfires

Huge wildfires are spreading across California, Oregon, and Washington. This is one of the worst fire seasons on record. Firefighters have been called from all across the nation, and even from different countries, to help fight the wildfires.

At least 27 people have already died because of the fires. Thousands more have lost their homes or businesses. Climate control activists insist these wildfires are a direct result of climate change while others blame the lack of forest maintenance. There are a lot of areas with dead trees that serve as fuel and help to quickly spread the flames.

The Mystery of the Rusty Moon

Scientists have found what appears to be rust on the moon – but why is it there? Rust only forms when iron is in contact with oxygen and water. But for a long time, people didn’t think the moon had either water or oxygen. Still, scientists have found what they think is hematite – a mineral formed when iron rusts.

In 2018, scientists discovered water ice on the moon’s polar regions, so maybe there are more secrets of the moon, too.

NASA is also still working on making it possible for regular citizens to visit the moon. NASA has launched a new plan to collect moon dirt and pay private companies to go get it.

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