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Noah’s Ark – On the Moon

Scientists want to store frozen eggs on the moon for safekeeping.

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The earth is a dangerous place to live. From time to time, our planet is hit by meteors, causing catastrophes. Therefore, scientists are working on creating safe storage on the moon for life. Think of it as a kind of Noah’s Ark in space.


Around 11,000 years ago, the earth was hit by a giant meteor. Scientists believe this impact melted billions of tons of ice and caused a worldwide flood. Thousands of ice age species died out, including the wooly mammoth.

We know that one day, the earth will be hit again. It probably won’t happen tomorrow or next century, but it most likely will happen. And that makes it worth planning for survival.

The Moon

In the Bible story about Noah’s Ark, live animals are carried on the ark to survive the flood. For the moon ark, it would be cryogenically frozen sperm and eggs from 6.7 million different species. Dr. Jekan Thanga of the University of Arizona calls it a global insurance policy.

The moon has many advantages. It is geologically stable, meaning there are no earthquakes or volcano eruptions. It also has no atmosphere, so there are no storms, floods, or wildfires.

Dangerous radiation from space is a problem, but Thanga says the lunar ark can be built in one of the many underground tunnels on the moon. By placing the storage facility underground, the rocks above will shield from destructive radiation and maintain a constant low temperature.

This plan would be a huge task, but it could eventually happen. There is a lot more interest in going back to space these days, and many companies are spending a lot of money on plans to return to the moon within a decade – maybe even Mars.

With this renewed interest and investment, there may also be a will to create the lunar ark. If so, the earth’s future is one step closer to being a little safer.

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