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U.S. Sends Troops to Europe as Ukraine-Russia Tensions Rise

Russia has sent more than 120,000 soldiers to its shared border with Ukraine. Tensions have risen as the U.S., and… Read More

Supreme Court Blocks Biden’s Business Vaccine Mandate

As part of his plan to combat the COVID-19 pandemic, President Joe Biden last year ordered some rules on vaccination… Read More

U.S. Bans Products Linked to Uighur Slavery

The United States recently made it illegal to buy Chinese products that could be connected to slavery. China has been accused… Read More

Rules Change for Travelers to the US

The government recently said it is going to change the rules about who can travel into the United States. According… Read More

What’s Going On With COVID-19?

Nearly two years after the first COVID-19 cases were discovered, the virus is still affecting America and the world. So,… Read More

Biden Announces 6-Step COVID Plan

On Thursday, September 9, President Joe Biden announced a plan to deal with the spread of COVID-19. He blamed the… Read More

The Spill: Trump at the Border

President Donald Trump Visits the US-Mexico Border Former President Trump visited the Rio Grande sector in Texas with other Republicans… Read More

The Spill: The Lights Are Out in Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico in the Dark Power outages in Puerto Rico have citizens and officials demanding answers. Not long after the… Read More

The Spill: Lady Liberty’s Little Sister

Lady Liberty Gets a Little Sister Lady Liberty has graced the harbor of New York City for generations, where she… Read More

The Spill: A Long Hike and Amazing Views

Portugal’s Heart-Pounding Pedestrian Suspension Bridge It’s 1,693 feet long, has a footpath wide enough for two people, and is 576… Read More

The Spill: We’re Going to Need a Bigger Canal

The Suez Canal Seems Too Small These Days The Ever Given ship seemed to be ever-stuck in the Suez Canal,… Read More

The Spill: A Whale of a Tale

A New Whale? Wow Researchers with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration believe they have found a new whale species… Read More