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Biden or Trump – Who Won?

A few days after the November 3 election, many have declared Joe Biden to be the winner, and the next… Read More

The Spill: Who Drew the Lines?

The Nazca Lines: Why Are They There? The Nazca lines is a Unesco World Heritage site in Peru that dates… Read More

Presidential Debates – Going for the Undecided Votes

Debate History Today, we see presidential debates as a big part of the election process. However, the debates are really… Read More

Trump v Biden: Two Speeches Reveal Very Different Candidates

Everyone knew it would end up this way, but now it’s official. Donald Trump is the Republican candidate for president… Read More

Trump v Biden: What do Their Acceptance Speeches Reveal?

It’s official – Donald Trump and Joe Biden are the Republican and Democratic nominees for president in 2020. While the… Read More

Hillary’s Advice for Biden: Don’t Ever Concede

Hillary Clinton told Joe Biden, the Democrat candidate for president, that he “should not concede under any circumstances.” So even… Read More

Kamala Harris’ Economic Ideas

If Joe Biden wins the presidential election in November, will he serve out his full four-year term? There has been… Read More

The Spill: Death Valley Heat

Death Valley Could Set Global Heat Record California is catching a lot of heat lately … literally. Death Valley, an… Read More

The Spill: Secret Service

Disturbance at the White House On Monday, August 10, President Donald Trump took his place at the podium to give… Read More

Kamala Harris: The Next Vice President?

The Democrats’ presidential candidate Joe Biden has finally announced who will be on his ticket for vice president. California Senator… Read More

Joe Biden’s Tax Plan: It’s Expensive!

Based on some of his proposals for infrastructure, climate change, and health care, Joe Biden plans to spend trillions of… Read More

Joe Biden Gets Closer to Choosing a Running Mate

Joe Biden is expected to enter the 2020 election and challenge Donald Trump for the presidency. While Biden has been… Read More