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Should Schools Reopen?

Many schools across the nation are reopening now – but many aren’t.

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When the Coronavirus pandemic began, schools closed to avoid spreading the illness. Some big cities, which were hit hard by the virus, closed their school districts early. Eventually, entire states ordered their schools closed.

Usually, summer break ends at about this time – but this year people are unsure when to open the schools up again.

Some states and school districts plan to keep schools closed until the end of the year. Others said that schools must open in the fall. President Trump said that schools need to reopen for the wellbeing of all students. The data seemed to show that students were missing out on important parts if life like socialization, physical exercise, and even proper nutrition from being out of school.

The Debate Morphs

Data from educators stressed the importance of reopening schools. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) said schools should reopen as quickly as possible. The CDC pointed out that, while COVID-19 spread just as quickly among students, it wasn’t nearly as harmful as it was to the elderly.

States that have already experienced the worst of the pandemic want schools to open with added safety measures. Other states that were hit hardest in the last two months, like California, have pushed for schools to stay closed and classes to be online-only.

In Atlanta, Georgia, one school punished a student for taking pictures of a crowded hallway.

Different states are planning to open schools at different times, as worries about the virus differ depending on where you are. Do you think it’s important for kids to get back to school, is is it better to keep waiting?

Jose Backer, General Assignment Reporter, is a graduate of St. Michael's College and is currently pursuing a Master's Degree in Political Science. Born and raised in Southern California, he currently resides in the Pasadena area.

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