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Animals Roam Free During Lockdown

While people have been hiding in their homes from Coronavirus, nature has been refreshed.

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While humans are staying at home to avoid Coronavirus, the animal kingdom is using the extra space.

In South Africa, the lion pride usually does not go into the Kruger National Park. With the shutdown, Kruger has been closed to tourists. The pride was seen lying on the tar road that would usually be traveled by humans.

Yosemite National Park in California has its fair share of black bears: between 300 and 500. The park has been closed to visitors since March 20. Without humans around, the black bears roamed. Some were spotted climbing a tree next to the ranger housing.

Since humans were locked away inside their homes in the city of Adelaide in southern Australia, at least one kangaroo decided to investigate the city.

In Thailand, turtles were able to increase the number of their nests. Without humans around, their population reached a 20-year high.

The animals aren’t the only ones to benefit from fewer people being out. The environment is doing better. With a ban on traveling, there are fewer planes in the skies, trains on tracks, and vehicles on the roads. This has cleaned the air, making bluer skies than some have seen in a long time.

It’s also had some interesting results on bodies of water. The Italian city of Venice is built on canals. Less traffic from boats and cars, as well as less tourism, means the waters in Venice have cleared up. Even small fish can be seen swimming around.

In China, people were wearing masks long before the COVID-19 outbreak because the air was so polluted. Now, days with “good air quality” are more common.

Coronavirus has been hard on people. It has cost us our freedom, our jobs, and our time with the people we love. At least there have been some benefits to the natural world.

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