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Justin Trudeau Wins Canadian Vote

Canada has chosen its next leader.

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The people of Canada went out on October 21 to vote for the next leader of their country. The polls are closed, the votes have been counted, and Canadians have learned that Liberal Party leader Justin Trudeau will continue as their prime minister. Unlike the US, Canada uses the Westminster system of government. The Westminster system is based on the British tradition of a parliament and a prime minister as head of government.

Trudeau won with 157 seats in parliament, losing 29 areas compared to the 2015 election. His main opponents, the Conservatives, finished the race with a 121-seat total. Prime Minister Trudeau promised that his government would fight for all Canadians, not just the ones who voted for him and his party.

Trudeau only won a minority government, so his party has less than half the seats in parliament. He may have a hard time leading the country with a minority of seats.

The prime minister is not as popular as he used to be. Photos recently came out showing him wearing blackface (dark makeup to imitate black or brown-skinned people). He has also been accused of corruption; some people have claimed he tried to stop a criminal investigation into an engineering company.

The Canadian people chose to give Trudeau another shot as prime minister, but with fewer seats in parliament.

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