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Howard Zinn and the Radicalization of American Academia

Has American schooling been taken over by socialism?

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Written by Alison Nichols, M. Div.

Socialism came to America with European immigrants in the 1850s, but never blossomed into a true movement until it infected education. Socialist academics have been indoctrinating young minds in the U.S. since the early 1900s. Today, more than half of Americans from age 18 to 30 view the ideology in a positive light.

While this process began many decades ago, few have influenced it in recent history quite as much as Howard Zinn, a self-identified anarchist and socialist. His 1980 book, A People’s History of the United States, was radically different from the history books used at the time. However, it has now become a standard source of historical knowledge for young Americans. Despite an obvious and unabashed far-left bias, this book has sold over two million copies and has been used by teachers across the nation.

In a nutshell, this ideology leaves no room for American exceptionalism. Our history is all bad and ugly; America is racist and corrupt. Academia has fought hard to discredit our institutions, churches, law enforcement, and the Founders. Today, the so-called educators have gone so far as to indoctrinate our youth with the belief that a classical education is racist. Moreover, leftist activism is becoming a requirement in some elementary schools.

How many young students in America are being taught in school that white and black Americans fought side by side in the Civil War? Do they understand why today’s protesters for democracy in Hong Kong play America’s National Anthem? Have they been offered the facts on the dire consequences of socialist experiments in Europe and Venezuela, where theoretical benefits never materialized? Do they understand that only the corrupt prosper under socialist control? Highly unlikely.

As a result of socialist indoctrination and the odious beliefs of Zinn and his ilk, there is not only a dearth of balance in American education but also scholarly detachment. Exhibit A is the socialist lie of “climate crisis” emanating from professorial wizards. The hoax of global warming/climate change is couched in the art of deception and based on emotion, not on facts. And the malarkey our youth regurgitate about the climate is an example of good intentions minus wisdom.

While American children are being brainwashed by the socialist lie of “climate crisis,” history reveals the inconvenient truth that climate has exhibited drastic changes since the beginning of time. Over hundreds of thousands of years, the earth has survived powerful storms, destructive tornadoes, droughts, melting icecaps, scorching heat waves, out-of-control fires, blizzards, tsunamis, and mega earthquakes. More importantly, where is the proof that human beings can manage nature?

Why are our children being taught this hoax? It is elementary: False advertising works. “Global warming” hysteria was hatched in the United Nations to create a socialist new world order. At its core, globalism is about power, global redistribution, and justification for overarching regulations and confiscation of private property. This is socialism in action; it was Marx who said, “the theory of the Communists may be summed up in the single sentence: Abolition of private property.”

You can understand why Marxists in academia, the intellectually incoherent left-wing media, and politicians on the left continue to parrot the beliefs of their common pedagogue. Their fight to discredit the United States has been working. Lovers of freedom in America must step up to resist the thought control targeting the minds of our young because too many have been captivated by the “imaginary flowers” of socialism propagated by academia and the left-wing media.


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