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House of Representatives Votes for Impeachment Inquiry

The Democrats in the House of Representatives are looking into whether Trump broke the law as president with the Ukraine call.

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The House of Representatives voted to hold an inquiry into President Donald Trump’s behavior toward Ukraine. They will hold an investigation on whether to impeach the president. This means they’ll see if they can find any evidence that the president did something wrong, and if he should be removed from his job.

House Votes for Impeachment Inquiry

The vote for the impeachment inquiry fell mostly along party lines: The two political parties today are the Democrats and the Republicans. President Trump is a Republican. All Republicans voted against the investigation, and all Democrats, except for two, voted for it.

Donald Trump

What Next?

Public hearings will likely begin after the investigation is done. This means that witnesses will be called to give evidence in public. The House will then decide whether to impeach the president or not.

Democratic Party leadership has not said for sure whether they will impeach, but many people expect they will try.

So far, it does not seem the Democrats have found any evidence that Trump did anything bad enough to remove him from office. Even if impeachment does not succeed, it might damage the president in the next election.

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