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Greta And Naomi: Two Different Messages on Climate Change

The two activists disagree on climate change and have very different ways of getting their messages out.

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Greta Thunberg has praised for her views on climate change. The 16-year-old has become famous speaking about the dangers of climate change. Now, she has a rival: 19-year-old Naomi Seibt from Germany.

The two girls have different opinions on the environment. Unlike Greta, Naomi says that climate change is not going to be a big problem in the future. She says that humans should be proud of their inventions and scientific progress, such as the use of fossil fuels, which power modern machines like cars, airplanes, computers, and TVs.

A group called The Heartland Institute made a video titled: Naomi Seibt vs. Greta Thunberg: Whom Should We Trust?

In the video, Naomi said:

Naomi Seibt

“Today climate change science really is not science at all. The goal [of climate scientists] is to shame humanity … we are told to look down at our achievements with guilt, with shame and disgust, and not even take into account the many major benefits we have achieved by using fossil fuels as our main energy source.”

“I’ve got very good news for you. The world is not ending because of climate change. In fact, 12 years from now we will still be around, casually taking photos on our iPhone 18s, tweeting about the current president on Twitter and ranting about the latest celebrity gossip.”

The two activists stand on opposite sides of the climate issue and have different ways of getting their messages out to the public. Who do you think is right?

Kelli Ballard

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