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Government Waste in 2020

One Senator wrote a report on how the government wasted money this year.

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Politicians spend billions of dollars every year – but do they need to? How much of that money is wasted? One senator from Kentucky has had enough of the waste of tax dollars, writing a yearly report about how much money the government wastes.

The Festivus Report: A Primer

Since 2014, Kentucky Senator Rand Paul has released the Festivus Report. It is a yearly study of how the government spends tax dollars. The report shows just how pointless some of the spending can be in Washington.

Festivus – The 2020 Edition

“I got a lotta problems with federal spending, and now you’re gonna hear about it!” wrote Senator Paul in his latest Festivus Report.

He wrote about $54 billion in tax dollars that were “totally wasted” in 2020. What were some of the examples? Here is a short list:

  • $1.5 million to examine lizards walking on treadmills.
  • $4.5 million to spray rats with bobcat pee.
  • $36 million to turn mice’s hair gray.
  • $2 million to find out if a hot tub can reduce stress.
  • $2.8 million to prepare bugs for you to eat.

A History of Waste

This type of waste has been going on for decades. Senator Paul has talked about the billions of dollars wasted in the nation’s capital for the last six years.

Here are some examples from the last six years:

  • 2019: $2 million to improve television in Moldova.
  • 2018: $650,000 to make a television series for Afghanistan.
  • 2017: $1.5 million to study how to make tomatoes taste better.
  • 2015: $450,000 to create a climate change video game.

It can be funny to see the stuff the government spends money on, but that money could be put to better use – or the government could collect less tax from the people.

What will the government spend money on next year?

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