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Election Day Is Just 99 Days Away

Have the majority of Americans already decided who to vote for?

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Election day is only 99 days away – on November 3, the American people will chose their next president.  The can vote for either Donald Trump or Joe Biden.

People are still protesting in the streets and Coronavirus numbers seem to be getting worse, but will these problems affect the election?

Decisions Made

This week a group called Rasmussen asked 1,000 people the question: “Do you still favor the candidate you liked at the beginning of the year, or have you switched your support to another candidate? Or are you still undecided?” Three quarters said they are sticking with the candidate they liked at the beginning of the year. Around 1/5 switched candidates, and a few said they are undecided.

If this survey is right, then most people have already decided who they want to vote for. And they aren’t likely to change their minds, no matter what happens.

Things That Matter Most

Joe Biden and Donald Trump

If President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden have debates, we could see some changes in people’s votes. Debates give people the chance to see the candidates argue and talk about important topics together. Usually only one person wins the argument.

Debates can change some people’s minds, but it seems that most voters already know who they’re voting for.

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