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Dresden Castle Robbed of Jewels

Eleven artifacts were taken.

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On Monday, November 25, thieves broke into a museum in Germany’s Dresden Castle. They stole 11 jeweled items that were important to the area’s history. The jewels were being kept in the Green Vault of the castle museum. The robbers got away, and so far, the police have no idea who they are.

The Heist

According to police, the suspects partially cut the power to the building before breaking the iron gate and a window to enter the Green Vault, located on the ground floor of the museum. They used a fire extinguisher to cover their tracks.

Police have asked the public for help in finding the criminals, and they are offering a reward of 500,000 euros (US $554, 000) for information leading to the capture of the suspects. The police also found a burned-out car that the robbers used as an escape vehicle.

The museum has not said how much money the jewels are worth, but staff did say that it would be impossible to sell them on the open market because they would be easily recognized. The thieves might break down the pieces and melt the gold so they can sell them without getting caught. Other sources have estimated the value of the stolen goods at one billion euros, or over US $1 billion.

Will They be Caught?

It seems that museums like the Green Vault must install better security measures. Since heists such as this are rare outside of the movies, the museum probably didn’t think one would happen to their display. They now have a reason to change their minds.

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