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Democrats Still Want to Impeach; Republicans Still Don’t

Impeachment testimonies given to House of Representatives.

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The Democrats in the U.S. House of Representatives are trying to impeach President Trump. This means they want to remove him from his job as leader of the country.

The Democrats’ case is based on a letter written by a whistleblower. Whistleblowers are people who tell on the government – or “blow the whistle” – when they think the government is doing wrong. This letter said that Trump had asked for a corruption investigation into former Vice President Joe Biden. Democrats claim that President Trump refused to give aid money promised to Ukraine to make Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky open an investigation.


Donald Trump

So far, the House Committee has heard testimony (statements and evidence) from a few witnesses. Each witness explained what they think happened.  Republicans (Trump’s political party) criticize the witness because they don’t have seem to have proof of wrongdoing. They’re saying what they think happened and what other people have told them. Democrats still think the testimony is useful and that Trump broke the law.

No one seems to have changed their minds on whether Trump should be removed from office.

The Process

Because the House of Representatives has a majority of Democrats, they will probably vote to impeach. But most Republicans don’t think he did anything wrong. Even if the House impeaches the president, the Senate would then hold a trial and two-thirds of the senators would have to vote that Trump is guilty. Since the Senate has a majority of Republicans, he probably won’t be found guilty.

2020 Fallout

Even though the president probably won’t be removed from office, he is getting a lot of bad publicity (attention in the news). This could cost him the 2020 election, as the American people may decide not to vote for him again.

Mark Angelides

Mark Angelides is Managing Editor of Liberty and Hailing from the UK, he specializes in EU politics and provides a conservative/libertarian voice on all things from across the pond. During the Brexit Referendum campaign, Mark worked to promote activism, spread the message and secure victory. He is the editor and publisher of several books on Ancient Chinese poetry.

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