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D-Day: A Soldier's Story

D-Day was an important day in ending World War II.

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Marion Robert Goff was a young man who went to fight in World War II. He was there on D-Day, the day meant the war would be over soon. It wasn’t long after this day that Germany surrendered. On the anniversary of D-Day, we remember what the soldiers went through.


The D-Day invasion began on June 6, 1944. American, British, and Canadian troops landed on beaches in France, to fight the Germans.
Goff was in charge of transporting prisoners of war (POWs). His trucks fell under heavy fire. His men told him to “get rid” of the German prisoners as they were slowing everyone down. Goff refused and took the prisoners to a nearby camp. He saved those prisoners, and one of them soon returned the favor.
Goff was later captured by the Germans. One of his captors was a former POW he had saved. The German told his fellow soldiers he was “returning the favor and was doing his part to get this honorable soldier back home.”

A Changed Man

Marion’s sister, Mona, went each day to the bus stop, hoping to hear from her brother. One day, her dreams came true. Marion was home.
He was thin and suffered from nightmares. But he found that happy laugh and generous spirit once again, giving everyone he met a hearty greeting.
Goff was an unsung American hero – one of millions who have dedicated their lives to serve our nation. Mona allowed Liberty Nation to tell of his service on D-Day. She is still proud of her older brother. She said, “His time at war changed him. But during that time, he grew up, and became an even more loving, outgoing man, who was endeared by all who knew him.”

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