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COVID-19 Update: Social Distancing Must Last a Little Longer

The president believes we can begin recovery by June 1.

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To help slow or stop the spread of Coronavirus, President Trump has advised Americans not to gather in large groups and to stay at home if at all possible. If people must leave home, they should stay at least six feet away from anyone else. This social distancing was supposed to end by the middle of April, but medical experts now think the death toll won’t reach its highest until then. Acting on the advice of these experts, President Donald Trump has extended social distancing guidelines until April 30. He believes we should be on the road to recovery by June 1.

As of March 29, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) had put the total number of U.S. cases – confirmed and presumptive – at 122,653. The number of deaths now stands at 2,112. The hardest-hit states are New York and New Jersey.

The spread of COVID-19 has sped up, despite the many restrictions on public interaction in most states. The number of cases in the U.S. exceeded 1000 on March 11 and, by March 14, had surpassed 2,200. From that point on, the number of infected has increased exponentially, from less than 7,000 on March 25 to more than 10,300 by March 27.

A few days earlier, the president gave a press conference outlining some of the measures taken to deal with the virus. Trump summarized the CARES Act stimulus package – a law passed to help Americans who have been hurt financially after having to shut down businesses and stop working to self-isolate. He stressed the top points, such as:

  • Loan forgiveness for businesses.
  • Relief payments for individuals and families.
  • Expanded unemployment benefits.
  • Childcare workers benefits.
  • Ban on corporate stock buybacks.
  • $1 billion towards the Defense Production Act procurement.

When it comes to cases of COVID-19, it was revealed that 19 states (about 40% of the nation) have less than 200 cases and that they are testing. The virus has not yet worked its way out of the nation’s system, so in the meantime, the president asked everyone to continue practicing the procedures put into place and to “stay home. Just relax, stay home.”


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