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Could Joe Biden be the Next President?

Democrats give support to Biden.

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Who will be the next president of the United States? With the election only a few months away, the Democratic Party has been on the hunt for its next presidential candidate – and it finally looks like we know who it will be. That man is Joe Biden. It isn’t official yet, but Biden is the only candidate left, and he is now getting support from his rivals.

In second place was Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, who dropped out of the race last Wednesday. Then, in a surprise move, Sanders endorsed Biden as the Democratic nominee for the election. In a livestream, the two men said they were joining forces to make sure President Donald Trump doesn’t get re-elected.

Joe Biden

Sanders asked everyone to vote for Biden, telling his former opponent, “we need you in the White House.”

Biden thanked Sanders, promising, “If I am the nominee, which it looks like now you just made me, I am going to need you, not just to win the campaign, but to govern.”

The pair worked together over recent weeks, creating “task forces” to work on serious issues Americans are facing right now. Some of the concerns include health care, crime, the economy, immigration, the climate, and education.

Many others who once hoped to win the nomination for themselves are now supporting Biden. Will the Democratic Party soon make his nomination official?

Kelli Ballard

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