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Election Confusion

Not everyone agrees on who is winning the election.

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Election Day may have been November 3rd, but a few days later, the winner still hasn’t been announced. This year’s race has been very close. The Democrat candidate Joe Biden has taken the lead over the Republican Donald Trump – but the result is already being challenged. It could be weeks until the results are finally worked out, and the next president is announced.

Since U.S. elections are decided by the Electoral College, each state holds some electoral votes, which actually decide the winner of the election. Candidates have to win enough states to gain 270 Electoral College votes. Most states have a winner-take-all system where the candidate who wins the most votes in that state gets all the state’s electoral votes. The results in each state are very important in presidential elections, for this reason.

A few states are under question. Republicans are accusing some states of holding unfair vote counts – from not letting let observers look at the votes to make sure they are valid, to giving people the wrong kids of pens which led to ballots being rejected.

Trump has challenged the count in Pennsylvania, Nevada, Georgia, and Michigan. He has also asked for votes to be recounted in Wisconsin.

Democrats and the Joe Biden campaign have accused Trump of just being a sore loser.

Mail-in votes have also confused things. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, many people have voted by mail. A lot of challenges are about the mail-in votes.

Protesters have come out on both sides. Pro-Trump protesters say the count was unfair and accused the Democrats of cheating. Anti-Trump protesters have said the president is refusing to obey a democratic vote.

There are sure to be weeks of confusion and arguing are ahead, and it seems only half of America will be happy with the final result.

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