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Boris Johnson is Britain’s New Leader

The US and the UK - best of friends?

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Great Britain is one of the USA’s closest friends around the world. It is made up of four countries: England, Scotland, Northern Ireland, and Wales. In fact, the British king also governed America until the people overthrew British rule and declared independence in 1776.

Britain, also known as the United Kingdom (UK), has a new leader, called Boris Johnson. While the USA has a president, the UK has a prime minister, instead. The Prime Minister’s job is to lead the government, but Britain also has a royal family. Right now, Queen Elizabeth II rules over the country, even though the royal family doesn’t have as much power as it used to.

US and UK flags

Boris Johnson was born in New York City, but he was raised in England. When he grew up, he worked as a reporter, and then he became a politician. Before he was Prime Minister, Boris was the mayor of London, the capital city of England. When he was in charge of London, Boris was famous for putting bicycles on the streets so that everybody could use them. People called them “Boris bikes” and bike riding became very popular.

Boris Johnson and President Trump have a friendly relationship. A lot of people think they are alike. The two leaders have talked about working together on trade between the UK and the USA, and President Trump has called Boris a “good man.” He also said, “Boris is good; he’s going to do a good job.”

Even though Trump and Johnson may work together, they might still disagree on some things – every leader has his or her own opinions.

Laura Valkovic

Socio-political Correspondent at and Managing Editor of Eclectic in interests and political philosophies, Laura came to journalism after years of working as an educator. Her background as a historian has informed her research and writing styles, as well as her approach to current affairs. Born and raised in Australia, Laura currently resides in Great Britain.

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