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Bolivia: The People Remove a Socialist President

The people of Bolivia have kicked out their socialist president.

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Evo Morales was the president of Bolivia. He won the most recent election to be president again, but many people said he cheated. They and protested against his win. In fear for his life, Morales resigned (quit) as president, and went to Mexico.

Bolivia is a country in South America, and it is home to 11 million people.

Military Abandons the President

The Organization of American States – a group of countries on the American continent – found evidence of that Morales didn’t win  the election fairly. The military and police were stopping people from protesting, but they quit doing that and let the people protest. Morales’ own personal guard even stopped protecting him.

Bolivia’s Human Rights Record

Under President Morales, citizens were subject to several different atrocities that were not typically covered in the news. A lot of people were sent to prison even though they were not convicted of a crime. People defending human rights were harassed by the government and others.

While some defended Morales’ time as president, others in the country think that his government did not treat its people well.  It’s not yet clear who will replace Morales, but it seems Bolivia is headed for some changes.

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