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Becoming American

How does someone become American?

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Immigrants are people who move to the United States from some other country. There are rules for moving to this country, and so there are two kinds of immigrants. Those who follow the rules are legal immigrants and those who don’t are illegal immigrants.

For legal immigrants, is about to get a little easier. President Trump has started a $10 million grant to help pay for programs that help legal immigrants become naturalized, which means they become citizens even though they weren’t born in the country.

There are rules that immigrants have to follow before they can become citizens, like following all the laws and learning to read and write English if they don’t already know how. And one of the hardest parts is just how long it takes. They also have to live in the United States for five years legally. Another thing that people are afraid of is taking tests. They have to pass tests about English and how the US government works. But there are programs that help immigrants get ready for these tests, and this new money can go to them.

This grant program will probably help a lot of people living in the United States who were born in other countries to become naturalized citizens. But some people think it isn’t fair to the immigrants who didn’t follow the rules. These people believe that anyone should be able to become a citizen, even if they broke the law to come here or stay here.

More than 750,000 people became American citizens through the process of naturalization in 2018. And that was a five-year record. With this extra money, there will probably be even more next year.

Kelli Ballard

National Correspondent at and Kelli Ballard is an author, editor, and publisher. Her writing interests span many genres including a former crime/government reporter, fiction novelist, and playwright. Originally a Central California girl, Kelli now resides in the Seattle area.

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