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Artist Paints Greta Thunberg on Building

Some people love the painting, but others don’t.

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Greta Thunberg is a Swedish teenager who talks about climate change around the world. Recently, an artist painted a mural of her on a building in San Francisco, California. The huge painting is controversial – some people like it, while others don’t.

Greta became famous after people saw her anger over climate change. “How dare you!” she said to world leaders because she thinks they haven’t done enough to stop climate change. Soon after, the 16-year-old was an international celebrity.

Artist Nino Cobre (real name Andres Pereoselli) is well known for his murals of famous faces. His painting was meant to honor Thunberg’s protests, and people reacted in different ways. Those who disagree with global warming say Thunberg should not be celebrated because her anger is not based on facts. On the other hand, people who do believe in climate change say she is a hero because she stands up for her beliefs and gives young people a stronger voice. Climate change is hotly debated. So, it’s no wonder that Greta’s mural could cause such controversy.

As for the real Greta, she has just left the U.S. She is sailing to Spain to attend a United Nations meeting on climate change.

Kelli Ballard

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