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Is There More Than One Universe?

Have scientists found a parallel universe?

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Could there be more than one universe? How many different worlds could there be?

Many scientists have started to think that many universes could exist, but it is hard to prove.

A Parallel Universe is Found?

A group of scientists were working on an experiment in Antarctica. They sent a weather balloon up into the sky, with radio antennae on it. They found tiny particles (smaller than an atom) called tau neutrinos. The tau neutrinos were coming “up” out of Earth. Some think this could be proof there is another universe.

The group of scientists has been talking about these weird events since 2016, but no one knows why they are happening.


Scientists think there might be a parallel universe, lots of universes, or different dimensions.

In another universe, up could be down and left could be right. In another dimension, beings might be able to disappear and reappear whenever they want. Or, there might be another world and another you, except your life is entirely different!

For now, it is impossible to find other dimensions or even another universe. Will scientists one day discover a universe where everything is in reverse?

Download a maze to help the scientist find another universe!


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