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Americans Protest Coronavirus Lockdown

Has Coronavirus taken too much freedom from Americans?

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The Coronavirus lockdown orders have lasted about a month, for most Americans. People are starting to get impatient with the rules, and thousands have stared protesting across the country. They argue that too many freedoms have been lost and that people are losing their jobs because of the rules.

Protests have been held in states including Ohio, Virginia, Michigan, Minnesota, North Carolina, California, Kentucky, Maryland, Texas, and Washington.

A group in Minnesota gathered in front of Governor Tim Walz’s residence and demanded the reopening of businesses. President Trump tweeted a message which simply read, “LIBERATE MINNESOTA!” Demonstrators honked their car horns and waved flags with messages like “Stop the Shutdown” and “We do not consent.”

Protestors in Maryland practiced social distancing while they protested. They stayed inside their vehicles and honked their horns while driving around the Capitol building in Annapolis, demanding Governor Larry Hogan “Reopen Maryland.” The organizers of the event asked participants to keep messages respectful, and many flew American flags while others wrote their protest messages on their car windows.

While President Trump seemed to encourage the protests on Twitter, some politicians argued that loosening the rules could cause COVID-19 to spread. What do you think – are Americans right to want their freedoms back, or is it too soon?

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